Writing Notes: March 26, 2022

Weekly Writing Progress
Beet Down (Revisions): 2.5 scenes done
Ten Word Stories: 3
Poems: 1

The Descent
Reaching the summit, she admired the view.
One foot slipped.

Last week’s lack of post wasn’t due to the fact that I hadn’t written anything (though that’s the truth). It’s because I sprained my wrist keeping one of my dogs from going over our fence after a tiny dog on the other side, so typing was painful (literally) for a few days there.

That said, since that particular week was incredibly unproductive, just as well I skipped the blog post too. This week, I actually do have progress to report, which is always a good thing when keeping oneself accountable through blog posts.

I seem to have broken through my reticence regarding revisions, and while the first scene was far more difficult than it probably needed to be, things are clipping along a bit faster now. I’m not writing anything new at the moment aside from the micro fiction and poetry just so I don’t have any reason to procrastinate on the revisions, but if I can get one more week of solid revision progress, I may start a new story to work on for a bit each night as well.

My ultimate goal is to spend 45 minutes on new words and 45 minutes on revisions/editing per night, four nights per week. If I can slide into that routine comfortably for the rest of the year, I think I’ll finally be moving forward again rather than just treading water, so to speak.

I also wrote three ten-word stories, and a poem, because poetry month is just around the corner, and if I don’t take myself too seriously, poetry is fun.

For this next week, my goal is just four more days of revisions, three more ten-word stories, and one more poem. There’s no reason I shouldn’t be able to hit that goal…as long as I force myself to get to bed on time.

Ironically, one of my other goals is getting in the way of the whole sleeping thing. I’ve been trying to read more, which means I put the writing away at midnight, and read until 12:30am, which is supposedly bedtime. *ahem*

Reading before bed is dangerous, as I’m sure you know. But so is reading before work, reading at lunch, and sneaking reading in during the day, so…yeah.

There’s no “good” time to pick up a book.

There’s also no “bad” time to pick up a book. 😉

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