Writing Notes: May 21, 2022

Weekly Writing Progress
DLA (Revisions): On Hold
Beet It (Editing/Revisions): Two scenes done
24C: 4816 words

I’ve had a less productive week, but things are still moving forward. At this point, I’m definitely missing the first draft deadline for 24C (due yesterday), which sucks, but there’s still time to make the publishing deadline for Beet It (formerly Beet Down), so I’m focusing on that.

I did get my dictation solution up and running, which consists of Dragon Anywhere software on my phone, and a lapel mic connected via Bluetooth. It’s not perfect, but it works 95% of the time, and I had it running by Tuesday evening. Wednesday I just could not seem to get myself together enough to start dictating when I got in the car and I was off work Thursday, so rather than dictating I imported a transcribed file and did some editing on it instead. But Friday was a decent dictation day with a couple sessions giving me two more completed scenes, so if most days can be like that, I should finish the first draft of 24C next Friday.

I need to finish the revisions on BI by next Friday as well, so those are my priority for the late night writing times next week. It’s definitely edits plus specific revisions rather than a rewrite – I’m mostly just removing or tweaking things here and there, so it should easily be done by next weekend and ready for a final proofread before I format it.

And since all my other DBV stories are already available in audio, I think I might use this one to experiment with Google Play’s new AI narration feature. It could definitely be an interesting experiment, I think, and it would be a more affordable way for people to listen, as digital narration is much cheaper than hiring a human.

I don’t mean to disparage human narrators – on the contrary, they are well worth the extra cash (seriously – check out the sample for any of my other currently available audio books – they’re amazing, IMO). But sometimes you can’t justify paying for the more expensive option even if it is worth the higher cost, especially in this economy, so I’m all about offering a less expensive version as well.

In any case, I need to actually finish the story before I do any formatting with it, so…that’s the priority for this week.

Can I just say I’m really enjoying this whole…having deadlines, shooting for goals, writing daily thing? I was away from it for so long, and now that I’m back in this headspace, I wish I’d never left. Things happen, obviously, and focus gets fractured, but I hope I can hold on to this feeling the next time that happens, and not stay away for so long.

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