The Snow Globe

I don’t actually own a snow globe at the moment, so for demonstrative purposes, here is my overly dramatic Begonia Ignita, “dying” of thirst.

Everyone’s probably had at least one week in their life when just about everything went sideways or topsy-turvy. It doesn’t happen to me often, but this past week was definitely one of those. Starting first thing Monday morning, things broke I had to fix, things I tried to fix wouldn’t mend, concerning announcements were made, schedules were thrown off, plans were derailed…

It was unsettling, in more ways than one.

But then Friday morning first thing, everything suddenly turned around. Deadlines were met, communications restored, projects that had been waiting on others got finished, good conversations were had, and while I didn’t really appreciate the timing because I was tired and I didn’t feel like putting in that much mental effort, a project that’s been hanging out a long time suddenly took off and got mostly finished, with just a little clean-up work to do Monday.

And just like that, the world flipped upside right again.

Which leaves me with one question:

Who shook up my personal snow globe this week, and would they please just leave it on the shelf for awhile now?

Begonia Ignita, recovered and happy.

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