Weekly News, Goals & Prompt – August 26, 2012

Prompt o’ the Week: A man walks down a
hall to use the restroom in a diner. On the way back, he passes a door
that was closed when he passed the first time, but is open a crack now.
Raised voices, a man and a woman, catch his attention, but he’s still
determined to ignore it until he hears one familiar phrase…

Whew! What a weekend. My husband and I worked on the foundation for
a new shed, said “hi” to muscles we haven’t felt in awhile, and spent
some rather pleasant moments out at dinner, wandering through Hastings
and watching a couple movies (One for the Money, which we both enjoyed quite a lot, and This Means War,
which was great right up until the end, when she chose the wrong guy,
IMO). It was a physically exhausting couple of days, but a seriously
good workout, and very productive (always a good thing). Now if I can
just remember to get up from my desk at the day job every hour or so, I
might be able to keep from stiffening up like an old woman…

Last week wasn’t as productive as I’d hoped, but it took longer to
get all that editing done than I thought it would (even with help from Carol,
my lovely editor). As it was, I did well just to get my serial chapters
and blog posts up, and start my story for the anthology as well. No
cover art, no print formatting – like I said, the weekend was busy (and
it’s good to get away from the computer for awhile).

There’s quite a lot going on this fall, though not nearly as much
as normal without the annual party to plan. But there’s still vacation
to think about, which involves making sure we have tickets to the events
we want before we get there & proper attire/bags, etc, and planning
for the dogs’ care in our absence (slightly more complicated with
Lucy’s special dietary needs). House cleaning, what to take/not to take,

Even so, this week I should have a little more time to get things
done (I cringe even as I type that, knowing Murphy’s Law is just waiting
to smack me for it). So here’s the list:

– Four serial chapters
– Finish short story for anthology
– Print formatting for RMSM
– Raise the price of Rock Me, Stalk Me (so if you want it cheap, get it now!)
– Experiment with a new base mix for the dog’s raw diet (would cut my Sunday evening prep time to nothing)
– Get the Halloween Horror Nights tickets purchased
– Work on getting laundry caught up
– Pick a new theme for winter anthology

I’m leaving the cover art off for now – I’ll worry about that when I have time, hopefully next week.

That’s it for this week, I think…here’s to cooler fall temperatures, which I hope to see more of soon…

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